The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry

The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry

The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry

The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry Idaho!

Spring Fever Bluegrass Band

Spring Fever (featuring Greg Blake)

Spring Fever is Colorado’s newest and freshest bluegrass band. This five person supergroup boasts both years of experience as well as a youthful verve. This winning combination is the foundation and strength of this band that has been getting the attention of the front range bluegrass scene.
KC and Keith know each other from their tenure with both Open Road and Uncle Earl, two nationally touring bands, oftentimes sharing the stage and traveling together. Keith, as head of the burgeoning bluegrass program at Colorado College and KC as producer and mentor, they bring invaluable experience to the table while Jake and Sam, both in their 20’s, bring a youthful excitement to the music. Together they all provide a strong foundation and excitement rarely found in bands of any genre.

All the members of Spring Fever are adept singers on both lead and harmony parts. At the core of the band’s drive is Keith’s traditional straight ahead take no prisoners traditional banjo playing. KC provides a reliable and relentless thump on the bass. Sam’s tasteful and clear-toned dobro playing adds drive and sparkle to the Spring Fever sound. New to Colorado, Jake Simpson is a force to be reckoned with on fiddle and guitar and has been leaving a trail of new fans wherever he performs.

For The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry, Spring Fever is proud to feature the soulful Greg Blake on lead vocals and guitar especially on the heels of his newest release, “Songs of Heart and Home.” Greg and KC spent years on the road with the Jeff Scroggins and Colorado Band and have the tight harmonies to prove it. With Jake and Sam’s powerful singing, this vocal trio is as strong as any on the bluegrass circuit today.

Band members are
Keith Reed banjo (of Open Road)
Greg Blake guitar vocals (of Jeff Scroggins & Colorado)
Jake simpson fiddle & vocals
KC Groves bass & vocals (of Uncle Earl among others)